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My name is Naoko (Nah-oh-ko). I am a soap maker here. I started making soap to fight the dry skin most people experience in North Central Washington six years ago.

Why use handmade soap?

What makes handmade soap different from store-bought soap?

Handmade soap contains natural glycerin, an effective moisturizer,
​which is removed by most commercial soap manufacturers
and sold as a separate product. That is why handmade soap is good for your dry skin.

Do you know how to make soap?

Soap making is a slow process like making wine or cheese. After mixing the lye solution (lye and water) and oils, mix well until it is saponified. It takes 24 hours to unmold soap from a mold and cut it into a bar of soap. Then it takes at least four to six weeks to cure to get milder and harder bars. 

It is all handmade by me with my heart and love. - Naoko