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Field Moon Handmade Soap

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap (Sakura)

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap (Sakura)

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*Price is for one bar of soap.

Ingredients: Saponified (Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil), Sodium lactate, Fragrance (Phthalate-free), Mica

Scent: Japanese cherry blossom

Approximately: 5 oz

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  • "I'm so blessed by your talent and appreciate your impeccable gift of detail."

    Heidi, Waterville, WA

  • "We love your products! They also make a great gift, something I‚Äôve done several times. I love your products, Naoko, but you already know that!"

    Lael, Ellensburg, WA

  • "Love, Love, Love the soap. I have such dry skin and can never find something that works. Thank you for making such a wonderful product."

    Nikki, St.John, WA